Brownsburg Corridor, Augusta County, VA
Brownsburg Corridor, Augusta County, VA

Valley Conservation Council was formed in 1990 by citizens who recognized the need to safeguard the special character of the Shenandoah Valley region. That steering committee drew from backgrounds in farming, natural resource conservation, historic preservation, forestry, land use planning, and real estate.

More than 25 years later, VCC remains a grounded, member-supported organization committed to protecting the region’s natural resources, cultural heritage, and agricultural vitality.

VCC’s mission is to promote land use that sustains the farms, forests, open spaces, and cultural heritage of the greater Shenandoah Valley region.

VCC envisions a greater Shenandoah Valley region that is valued and sustained by its citizens, rural and urban alike. Growing, while maintaining its agricultural character, historical roots, and small-town quality of life, this will be a region that:

  • Protects land to sustain natural and cultural assets in both rural and growth areas;
  • Remains predominantly rural with strong agricultural and forestal economies;
  • Attracts growth into well-designed communities with a strong sense of place, efficient services, and opportunities for continued re-growth;
  • Commits to the success of both farms and towns, fostering environmental and fiscally sound development that adds to quality of life; and
  • Inspires engaged and informed citizens.

VCC’s principal approach is one of education and partnership. We reach out to landowners who love their land for its open space, history, scenic beauty, natural assets, or agricultural productivity. VCC has helped hundreds of landowners protect their land through conservation easements.

Land-use policies also can have a profound effect on the landscape. VCC works proactively with local governments to help plan for future growth.

As a land trust and a valued and respected partner for conservation, VCC is making a difference in this extraordinarily beautiful and productive part of the Commonwealth of Virginia.



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