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Through VCC, this couple made a lasting contribution to Rockingham County.
Through VCC, this couple made a lasting contribution to Rockingham County.

Your support helps protect the natural resources, cultural heritage, and agricultural vitality of America’s legendary Shenandoah Valley.

VCC Membership Levels:

    • Valley Guardian ($5,000 and above)
    • Valley Steward ($1,000 to $4,999)
    • Valley Settler ($500 to $999)
    • Valley Pioneer ($100 to $499)
    • Valley Explorer (from $30 per individual/$50 per family to $99)
    • Student Membership ($10)

  • $30 covers our travel costs associated with monitoring four easements in Augusta County
  • $100 allows us to provide kites to kids who don’t have their own at our annual Kites & Critters event
  • $250 allows us to meet with a landowner and investigate a potential new conservation property
  • $500 allows us to print and mail a newsletter to all of our members
  • $1,000 allows us to send a staff member to attend a 3-day intensive training conference to learn best practices in land conservation
  • $5,000 covers the costs of staff time to protect a new property in our region

Need more convincing?

  • VCC helps landowners voluntarily conserve their farmland, forests, and open spaces – tens of thousands of acres so far in the region.
  • VCC assists farmers by connecting them with the appropriate agencies that help them protect the valley’s land and water in an ecologically and economically sustainable way.
  • VCC provides kids with outdoor activities and education at our annual Kites & Critters event.
  • VCC educates valley residents each year through programs on conservation, events, conferences, and “boots on the ground” projects.
  • VCC encourages localities and citizens to promote land use that respects our region’s rural landscapes, abundant natural resources, and vibrant communities rich in history and character.

An Accredited Land Trust

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Valley Conservation Council
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