Public Outreach

A great majority of Valley residents share our sense of place. The Valley’s natural beauty and rural character often top the list of what citizens value.

The greater Shenandoah Valley region will remain protected only when enough citizens actively value the region’s agricultural, cultural, and natural features. This means that we need to reach all populations with an unequivocal conservation message: urban, suburban, and rural communities; from-here’s and come-here’s; youth and elderly; and residents and visitors.

Our public outreach approaches include special programs, presentations, our annual membership meeting, exhibits at public events, work with citizens and decision-makers in the planning process,  and membership and volunteer drives, on-line tools, and much more.

If you are looking for a presenter at a public program on conservation and better development topics, please contact the Valley Conservation Council at or 540-886-3541.

Our Advocacy Policy

Often VCC is asked to take a stand for or against a particular issue or project.

VCC believes that its efforts are best channeled toward long-term education and engagement to assist the planning processes that precede project proposals. We encourage communities to have strong comprehensive plans and ordinances and citizens to be active and informed as the best preparation for such challenges.

Exceptions might include projects of regional magnitude or that would be precedent-setting in a negative way.  VCC’s Board of Directors will examine these types of exceptions on a case-by-case basis and act accordingly.

An Accredited Land Trust

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