Swoope (Augusta County) Farmland Photo (c) Pat and Chuck Blackley
Swoope (Augusta County) Farmland
Photograph (c) Pat and Chuck Blackley

Valley Conservation Council offers a range of informative publications.

Protecting Shenandoah Valley Lands: A Landowner’s Guide  – This invaluable resource explains voluntary options for practicing land conservation and provides local contacts.  Chapter titles:

  • Your Land, Your Choices
  • Protecting the Valley’s Legacy
  • Conserving Natural Resources
  • Agricultural and Forestal Districts
  • Conservation Easements
  • Financial Incentives for Conservation Easements
  • Land Donation

Better Models for Development in the Shenandoah Valley 2010: Meeting 21st Century Challenges – This seminal publication takes a comprehensive, positive approach.  Nearly 300 photos help illustrate the six principles for better development:

  1. Conserve Natural & Scenic Assets
  2. Conserve As You Grow
  3. Build Livable Communities
  4. Preserve Historic Resources
  5. Respect Local Character in New Construction
  6. Reduce the Impact of the Car

Agricultural and Forestal Districts: Their Use and Applicability Across the Commonwealth – This statewide survey of agricultural and forestal districts includes an in-depth analysis of their use in the Valley region.

State of the Valley Report: 2003 – How well are communities doing in terms of the six principles for better development?  This encyclopedic look pulls from the ordinances, growth patterns, policies, and programs of all the localities in the Shenandoah Valley region.  Copies available from the VCC office.

The Middlebrook-Brownsburg Corridor:  A Survey of Cultural and Natural Resources – This 1997 publication remains one of VCC’s most popular publications. Its pages contain well-researched information on the cultural and natural resources as well as the conservation options available for landowners in the historic Middlebrook-Brownsburg corridor of Augusta and Rockbridge counties.

Vision  – Find copies of VCC’s newsletter in the Newsroom.


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